Successful Variety Show at Matt Molloy’s Yard Bar

A wonderful night was had by all who participated and attended our Variety Show Fundraiser on 31 August 2016.  What a superb way to end the Summer season.  We raised enough money towards HUGE improvements at our Studio’s in ‘The Courtyard’ on James Street in Westport.

Thank you to Liam Mc Namara for organising this Event.

And Thank you  to all the Directors and Staff and  Presenters for their support.

And to you the Public who tune in to WESTPORT RADIO and who came along to show your support, thank you.

These are the musicians who gave us TOP class entertainment:

Tim Rogers + Hobie + Sarah McEvilly. Brian Duffy, McGrady’s (Breda + Eddie), Norman Wylie, McAleer, Upbeat (Finn Costelloe + Emmett McNamee + Paddy Warde), Charlie Keating, Fresh Evidence( Paddy Warde / Luke Mc Keown / Tom Cannon)  David Tonney, Joe Holloran, Gerry McNally and Dan Delaney.

P.S  You can listen to snippets from that Variety Evening on our Podcast for ‘Wise Whisperings’ which was aired on 4th September 2016.


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