Thank you to the following :

Bernie Mc Nally – Westport

Caroline Hassall = Swinton Manchester

Westport Children’s Choir

Mick and Roi Mc Cann – Murrisk Naboll

John and Denise O’Shaughnessy 

We are so proud of the above friends of Westport Radio and their support is appreciated.  

A friend of Westport Radio is an individual or family or group who wishes to support Westport Radio and the hard work they are doing in the Clew Bay Community. All presenters are volunteers but we have many costs to cover.

Having a community radio station gives  a voice to the community; an unbiased voice of character unique to Clew Bay, where both residents and visitors to our special area can have their say.

Already many school children have been into the Westport Radio Studios on James Street, and amongst other things we have provided advocacy based training programme to the over 55’s, educational programme for Leaving Cert Students, work experience for T.Y students and showcased diverse music not normally heard on commercial stations.

Upon becoming a friend of Westport Radio your name will be added to our prestigious list of donator and supporters of Westport Radio which will travels around the world each and every weekend.

If you want to make a donation of any size and become a friend of Westport Radio then please click on the join button and complete the process or leave us a message on our contact page.